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Services for NDIS Participants

Enhance is a fee-for-service provider for eligible NDIS participants. We deliver Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) capacity building services for infants and children with a disability or developmental delay, aged 9 years and under, in accordance with the national early childhood approach. As early childhood intervention practitioners, we strive to deliver services underpinned by best practice principles, and adhere to the National Guidelines for Best Practice in Early Childhood Early Intervention listed below. We also offer therapeutic supports to eligible individual NDIS participants. All our services align with the NDIS Practice Standards.

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At Enhance, we believe every child deserves the opportunity to develop optimally and thrive in the future.

ECEI Best Practice Guidelines

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All families are different and unique

Our practitioners will provide services and support in ways that are sensitive and respectful of your family’s values, as well as their cultural and social backgrounds.

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Building everyone’s knowledge and skills

Your family works together with our practitioners as a team, by communicating and sharing information, knowledge and skills.

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At home and in the community

Your child will be fully included and participate meaningfully in home and community life, creating a real sense of belonging.

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Quality services and support

Practitioners working with your child will have appropriate qualifications and experience and base their interventions on clinical evidence and research.

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Family as the centre

Our practitioners will work together with your family as active and equal partners. Planning and interventions for your child are based on your family life and priorities.

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Practising and learning new skills everyday

Your child will learn and practise new skills through participation in activities and routines that make up their everyday life.

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What you want for your child and family

Our practitioners will focus on what you want for your child and family and will work closely with you to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

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Building a team

Your family will work together with our practitioners as a team, by communicating and sharing information, knowledge and skills.

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As a fee-for-service provider, we can deliver services to self-managed and plan-managed clients. (We are awaiting approval as a Registered Provider). 

Find out more about the Participant Service Charter and the Participant Service Improvement Plan here.

Useful links and forms

Are you an agency wanting to work with us?

Are you a self/plan-managed individual looking for help?

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Indiviual referral form PDF: 

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"The NDIS takes a lifetime approach, investing early in people with disability and children with developmental delay to improve their outcomes later in life."
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