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Services for Professionals

At Enhance, we can provide perinatal and infant mental health counselling services and specialist attachment-focused, early intervention programs and/or individualised case management services to families with infants, children and adolescents accessing your services. We understand family functioning may be impacted when families experience a broad range of psychosocial stressors. 


We work as consultants in collaboration with service providers by considering each family as unique and individualise our interventions to meet their specific support needs. We also provide reflective supervision/consultation to service providers to promote strong and positive relationships within families they support. 

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Reflective Supervision/Consultation

Reflective supervision/consultation is vitally important for professionals working closely with children and their families and is underpinned by trauma-informed care principles. Enhance offers reflective supervision/consultation to enable workers to take a step back from the intensity of their direct work with families, allowing them to consider what the experience means for them as a professional and for the family. Reflecting on practice incorporates gaining awareness of feelings, experiences, responses and actions and applying that evidence to current knowledge bases to expand understanding, whilst reinforcing resiliency and encouraging professionals to hold infants, children and families in mind. We offer individual and group reflective supervision/consultation in person and via telehealth.


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Circle of Security Classroom Approach

Early Childhood settings are instrumental in developing a broad range of cognitive, social, and emotional competencies in children, guiding success throughout their educational years and into adulthood. The Circle of Security Classroom (COSC) Approach is underpinned by extensive attachment-focused research and developmental psychology which reinforces that children learn within the context of relationships. Therefore, it is of no surprise that children’s readiness for school and capacity for learning are positively impacted by secure attachment relationships with early care providers. The COSC Approach supports educators to incorporate an attachment focus into their role, enhancing their capability to establish secure relationships with children. This improves competence in building relationships which results in promoting secure educator-student relationships and positive outcomes for children. 


(The COSC Approach is suitable for Early Learning Centres, Family-based Early Learning Services and within Early Years' School Education).

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Parents Under Pressure Program- Therapy and Supervision

The Parents Under Pressure (PuP) Program incorporates psychological principles related to parenting, child behaviour, and parental emotional regulation within a case management model. The program is delivered in the home environment and is designed for families who experience challenging life circumstances impacting healthy family functioning. Such challenges may include mental health issues, substance misuse, family conflict, and financial distress. The program consists of twelve modules and is specifically individualised to suit each family’s unique needs. Parents receive their own workbook which forms the basis of the treatment program. The principal aim of the PuP Program is to support parents experiencing adversity.  Using a strengths-based approach, this progam aids the development of positive and secure relationships between parents and their children. This is achieved by establishing a more nurturing home environment with decreased conflict where parents and children are assisted to self-regulate their behaviour.


At Enhance, we can be consulted by organisations to deliver the PuP Program to families or to provide clinical supervision to PuP Therapists working alongside families implementing this intervention model. Read more about the Parents Under Pressure Program by clicking here: 

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